How does the home24 Marketplace-Model works? 

  1. Check if all criteria can be met
  2. Contact us via the contact form 
  3. Talk to one of our dedicated marketplace team members 
  4. about a possible cooperation
  5. Create a shop after receiving our invitation link
  6. List your products
  7. Sell and ship your products

Which criteria has to be met in order to paricipate in Marketplace? 

  1. You have a VAT ID in the country where you want to sell.
  2. You deliver from a European warehouse location directly to the end customer.
  3. You can accept returns from end customers.
  4. You have a product data and customer service of the marketplace you want to sell on. 
  5. Your products are identified with a 13-digit EAN number (European Article Number).

Which products can I offer on home24?

furniture, household, garden, home accessories, home textiles 

What are the fees when I sell on home24?

 Monthly subscription fee of 39€ (after 3 month) and Commission fee of 15-17% depending on your category.


I am interested in selling on the home24 Marketplace. How can I get started?

Since we want to maintain our high standard for end customers, it is important for us to discuss in advance whether a cooperation makes sense for both sides. 
Please write to us directly via the contact form (on the next page). 
We will then contact you promptly to discuss a cooperation. 

What information do I need to register?

You need the following information:

  • Language
  • User e-mail address
  • Shop-Account & company name
  • Company registration & VAT number
  • Contact data: titel, name, Shop-E-Mail (will be shown on the invoice)
  • Address of the company
  • Terms and conditions, Imprint und privacy policy 

How long does it take to sell on home24? 

When listing the products, it depends on which method you can use (manually to completely automatically via APIs).
If you can use APIs, the listing of the products can be done shortly. A manual listing will of course take longer.
After that, an internal team of us will check your listing once. If everything is in order, your products and your shop should be online after 1-2 weeks. 


What do I have to consider when listing our products?

As we want to ensure the best possible customer experience, it is important to us that your product listing is complete and of high quality. 
You will get all the information from us in and after the first shared conversation. 

What integration methods are there to add products?

You can add products via 4 models:
1. Manually
2. About files
3. Semi-automatic over HTTP or FTP
4. Automatically via APIs or aggregators

Can I use my current product pictures?

Yes, you can use your current photos. There are a few requirements for your images, we will send them to you before listing.

How long does it take until our uploaded products are visible to the customer?

This can take between 1-10 days. 
We have a dedicated team that checks your product titles, product descriptions and images to make sure they meet our standards. Thus, the activation of your products may take a few days. 

How can I delete a product?

A product cannot be removed from our site, as others can also place themselves on your product ad. However, you can delete your offer so that you are no longer displayed as a seller.

How can I deposit my stock?

We use interfaces for this so that this is automatically transferred from your system to ours and is thus always up to date.
If you do not have an interface, you can also enter your stock manually. However, we only recommend this for a few products. 


What can be set via the shipping information? 

You can enter your supplier as well as the tracking number in the system. This helps the end customers to track the status of the delivery.

Who pays for the shipping?

You pay for shipment to the end customer.
You can choose between three shipping models:

  • Free shipping
  • 5.99€ for parcels 39.99€ for 2MH doorstep or 2MH to curb, varying per country 
  • Specify a threshold and use the €5.99 and €39.99, above which free delivery. 

Which carriers can I use?

You can choose which supplier you want to work with. It is important that you can store a tracking number in the system and that your supplier delivers the products directly to the end customer. 

What does home24 need the tracking number for?

It is a good customer experience if customers always know the delivery status of their product. To ensure this, you need to store the tracking number in your account. This tracking number is then automatically displayed to the end customer, who thus has a permanent overview of the whereabouts of their product. 

Who is responsible for the customer service?

 As a Seller, you are responsible for customer service. 

Does my customer service need to be available to customers by email and phone?

You can choose to offer both options or only one of the two. It is only important to us that customers can reach you either by email or by phone.

How does the return process work?

Customers can return the ordered products within 30 days. If customers wish to send a return, they must first go to the home24 customer account. To do this, customers click on "Return" in the "My orders" section for the relevant item, select a reason for return and register the return under "Register return". Customers can indicate their preference (return, discount or spare parts). You can then communicate directly with the customer and discuss how to proceed. 
It is not necessary to place return labels directly in the parcel. 


Why haven't I received my payment yet?

You do not receive the money from your sale immediately. When a customer buys one of your items, the money from their card is put into an escrow account. The money is kept there until the end customer has received the product. 
14 days after you have sent the product to the end customer, our system assumes that the end customer must have received the package. After that, the money is automatically transferred to your bank account on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month. 


What do I do if something doesn't work?

We will be happy to help you at any time. Please write directly to our email address [email protected] and we will take care of your request as quickly as possible. Otherwise, please also write to your direct contact person.